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Another Apology (Sort Of), Dog Training And A Couple Of Haiku, Or Kiki’s Paranoia…

By Kiki Keane and Rachel Womek

So…we have been absent this week. Did you miss us? No? That’s okay. We were busy being lazy and feeling sorry for ourselves because we don’t have “lives.” Now you might think to yourselves, perhaps instead of lamenting the fact that you don’t have “lives” you should try maybe “living.” And you would be right. It is the eternal struggle for anti-social people. We want “lives” but then we would have to go and “live” among the “living.” In the end we are okay with our lot. Also, the knowledge that we are about to embark on a grand adventure is a balm to our sad days. Okay. This is starting to sound like a bad vampire novel or something.

Instead of “living” we have spent every night this week reading at a local bookstore. Rachel has read two books here. I have read…well, if you are a constant reader I will direct to my track record and if not…well, it’s a number less than one.

What else? Hmmm…I have, through watching a great deal of Investigation Discovery, made myself paranoid. I am not a trusting person on my best day. Now I’m just permanently freaked, it would seem. For example,  I thought for sure I was dead this afternoon when the car I passed started to speed up behind me and followed me more than half way home. And yes. I do realize how ridiculous this sounds since I am packing-up and moving to one of the most violent regions in the world. Somehow, revolutions, bombs, IEDs, bullets, etc. are less terrifying than the possibility that my own flesh and blood would gladly slit my throat.

Oh, Constant Readers!!! We prostrate ourselves before you humbly! May shame and abject humiliation pound on our sculls like an unexpected hailstorm! Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. (This is from Rachel. Kiki doesn’t prostrate herself for anyone.)

I (Rachel) have been reading, watching Bones on Netflix , clicker training my dogs (Well I actually only have one dog but I have a foster dog right now as well) and surfing the internet for things I cannot afford. Also  working, but not for an amount of time which would restrict my ability to blog. Kiora, my basenji, is learning to cover her nose with her paw on command. She is doing very well…She understands the behavior I expect from her but so far it only applies with the prompt: a small bit of tape. I am phasing out the piece of tape now by making it smaller each day and have begun to introduce the verbal cue: “Bad Dog”. Suck it Stanley Coren!


Two Haiku from Rachel (Yay!):

Sweet melancholy

Ushering in the Summer.

Reading not blogging.


Grey-blue clouds overhead.

The aroma of creosote

Promising new rain.




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