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Blast Off! Or Not…

By Kiki Keane

I have been glued to the TV the last few days. So many exciting things have been going on in the news. Okay, really one exciting thing has been going on in the news: the North Korean rocket launch. It has been exciting because DPRK has let in some foreign journalists to cover the whole thing. Granted it has been a highly orchestrated affair, but it is still interesting and says a lot about how N. Korea wants the world to see them and how they see themselves.

Today, DPRK launched the rocket and it promptly failed. I can’t say I was surprised. What is surprising is that North Korea has admitted to its own people that the rocket failed. I don’t think anyone expected that to happen. The question now is whether DPRK will follow up with a nuclear test in a show of strength.

I mostly watch NBC and MSNBC so the following links are all from those websites. Richard Engel is the reporter.

Display of devotion at unveiling of Kim Jung Il’s mural  (April 9)

Inside North Korea’s capital (April 10)

Mission Control room (April 11)

Launch and failure (April 12)

There should be more reports coming. I’ve heard rumors of more tours in Pyongyang.

Also, if you would like to see some really interesting pictures of DPRK you should check out Richard Engel on Twitter (@richardengelnbc)

Came across this website. It was created by DPRK and KFA (Korean Friendship Association). It’s purpose, it seems, is to build international ties with DPRK.


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