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A Trip to the ABQ, Haiku, Tarantulas, Age Related Vision Problems AND The News

By Kiki Keane and Rachel Womek

Pardon our absence, but we have been busy social bees the last few days. Yesterday was filled with adventure (a trip to Albuquerque) and pain (Kiki had to get her Yellow Fever, Tetanus and Meningitis shots). We also ate more than any human being should be allowed consume. We went to an amazing restaurant called The Elephant Bar and had quantities of ultra delicious food that it surely had crack mixed into it. (Kiki wishes to state that the food was good, but would not go so far drug-laced.)  We also visited the mall, a great bookstore called Page One and Trader Joe’s, which we don’t have in our corner of New Mexico. We drove and drove. We passed the Very Large Array, which I (Rachel) very much wanted to see but alas it was too late in the day and we did not have the time.

Light filtering through

Blue-white cirrus clouds above.

Rio Grande gleaming.

I (Rachel) was very excited to find on my porch today a package of much anticipated tarantulas. Two Poecilotheria subfusca spiderlings which are, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful off all tarantula species. These guys are not for beginners though, they have precise temperature requirements and they possess a medically significant bite. I also got a freebie Phormictopus cancerides. For the sake of Kiki we will imagine I received a box of three precious kitties.

My (Kiki) day was not nearly as exciting. I got a new pair of glasses and then had to buy some reading glasses to use  when I wear my contacts. This is what happens when you age. Not only does your distance vision worsen, but have to correct the part of your vision that was perfect before.

On a less happy note: The News

1) Today is the anniversary of the genocide in Srebrenica

2) Women protested the public shooting of a woman in Afghanistan

3) Photographer and Richard Engel remember Marie Colvin

4) More on Syria

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A Few Haiku

By: Rachel Womek


“God bless you” they say

As I sneeze repeatedly.

Allergy season.


Crickets and frogs sing

A discordant melody.

Warm evening breeze.


Blazing Summer Sun.

The ebony Basenji

Steals every gold ray.



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Another Apology (Sort Of), Dog Training And A Couple Of Haiku, Or Kiki’s Paranoia…

By Kiki Keane and Rachel Womek

So…we have been absent this week. Did you miss us? No? That’s okay. We were busy being lazy and feeling sorry for ourselves because we don’t have “lives.” Now you might think to yourselves, perhaps instead of lamenting the fact that you don’t have “lives” you should try maybe “living.” And you would be right. It is the eternal struggle for anti-social people. We want “lives” but then we would have to go and “live” among the “living.” In the end we are okay with our lot. Also, the knowledge that we are about to embark on a grand adventure is a balm to our sad days. Okay. This is starting to sound like a bad vampire novel or something.

Instead of “living” we have spent every night this week reading at a local bookstore. Rachel has read two books here. I have read…well, if you are a constant reader I will direct to my track record and if not…well, it’s a number less than one.

What else? Hmmm…I have, through watching a great deal of Investigation Discovery, made myself paranoid. I am not a trusting person on my best day. Now I’m just permanently freaked, it would seem. For example,  I thought for sure I was dead this afternoon when the car I passed started to speed up behind me and followed me more than half way home. And yes. I do realize how ridiculous this sounds since I am packing-up and moving to one of the most violent regions in the world. Somehow, revolutions, bombs, IEDs, bullets, etc. are less terrifying than the possibility that my own flesh and blood would gladly slit my throat.

Oh, Constant Readers!!! We prostrate ourselves before you humbly! May shame and abject humiliation pound on our sculls like an unexpected hailstorm! Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. (This is from Rachel. Kiki doesn’t prostrate herself for anyone.)

I (Rachel) have been reading, watching Bones on Netflix , clicker training my dogs (Well I actually only have one dog but I have a foster dog right now as well) and surfing the internet for things I cannot afford. Also  working, but not for an amount of time which would restrict my ability to blog. Kiora, my basenji, is learning to cover her nose with her paw on command. She is doing very well…She understands the behavior I expect from her but so far it only applies with the prompt: a small bit of tape. I am phasing out the piece of tape now by making it smaller each day and have begun to introduce the verbal cue: “Bad Dog”. Suck it Stanley Coren!


Two Haiku from Rachel (Yay!):

Sweet melancholy

Ushering in the Summer.

Reading not blogging.


Grey-blue clouds overhead.

The aroma of creosote

Promising new rain.




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A Noteworthy Blogger, Mediocre Haiku And The Tragic Reality Of Ignorance In America’s Youth OR Why Kiki Will Become A Hermit Soon

By: Kiki Keane and Rachel Womek

Greetings Constant Readers from the hazy nebula of our collective imagination!

First of all we would like to issue a shout out to a great blogger and a personal friend of Rachel’s. The Desert Scientist, an entomologist who blogs primarily about the environment, the flora and fauna of New Mexico and Women Scientists. He regularly features the biographies of different female scientists. We commend him for bringing the scientific contributions of these often overlooked scientist to light and for educating the public about the oft ignored creepy crawlies. Rachel, at least, loves reading about reptiles, insects and arachnids! He’s also a pretty darn good photographer.

Rachel has been doing a few Haiku, with the goal of one a day. So far it hasn’t been going quite that way. Some days she writes none and others she will jot down several she has been collecting in the vast and largely unexplored reservoirs of her mind. O.K, O.K, maybe I am getting a little carried away. They are not anything special; just my way of exercising a tiny bit of creativity and enabling me to do a small bit of writing each day. We can’t all write impressive novels like Kiki (haha!)

Rachel’s Haiku:

Beneath the mountian

Poppies consume the desert.

Carpeting yellow.


Clear morning reveals

Coral colored blossoms.

Thorny cactus plant.


Marching brown army,

Ants invading the kitchen.

Stay away from my stove!


As for me (Kiki), well…I’ve done very little this week. Since I am unemployed I have vast amounts of time on my hands so I thought I’d take the opportunity to do something creative and productive. Hence, the novel. Sadly, when it comes to me, vast amounts of time leads to laziness. Basically this means that I have done very little this week. I have written maybe three hundred words of my novel (it should be about 1600 a day). I have not practiced Arabic and I have not read a single word of anything. Not a book, not a poem, not a newspaper.

I did, however, manage to get my lazy butt out of bed to see The Raven yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised. It is not a cinematic masterpiece, but it was worth the money. Also, it was sufficiently gruesome. Later I rented A Dangerous Method. It was pretty good, too. I enjoyed the acting, which is saying something. I would recommend both.

I also saw sat down with an old friend for the first time in nearly ten years. We had a great deal to talk about. One of the things we talked about was the dismal state of affairs we are in when it comes to what the American people know about history and about books. For example, my friend mentioned that according to a survey, most young people did not know that the movie Titanic was based on a historical event! How could they know about the Titanic? It may not be favorite historical tragedy (and yes, I understand how creepy it is to have favorite historical tragedy), but it was huge! Also, I mentioned that Longfellow and Emerson were mentioned (not nicely) by Poe in The Raven. Actually, it was suppose to be funny. I was the only one that laughed. I’m sure the friend I went with knew who those illustrious men were and why it was funny, but there wasn’t peep from anyone else. This saddens me. Is this were we are headed? Where reality stars and football scores are more famous and more important then our tragedies and triumphs, our great men of letters? Really? I don’t think I want to be part of that world. Maybe I should just become hermit.

Rachel would like to add that I’ve been trying to become a hermit for years! It is easier said than done. I have one more haiku to bore you all with it is one I just wrote while Kiki was zealously typing away. This is something I saw today between Las Cruces and Hatch.


Men baling green hay;

Sweet scented under the sun.

Last days of April.

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An Apology, “Sad” Brony News and Haiku, Or Why Rachel Will Be Fed Humble Pie…

By Kiki Keane and Rachel Womek

We are sorry!!! We know that we have been slacking and we apologize profusely! I (Rachel) have been caught up working, studying (end of school two weeks away!), cleaning, and trying unsuccessfully to adopt out my foster dog. I have managed to read a few books: a graphic novel, two haiku poetry books and one book on dog nutrition. Not exactly heavy reading!

I guess I Can’t make fun of Rachel for being lazy since she’s actually doing things. Me? I’ve been avoiding the computer like its got the plague. Productive? Nope. Not unless you call watching endless NCIS marathons productive. Oh. I did apply for a guest library card at the university library. Won’t get it tell next week, but I intend to wear it out while I’m still in the country. What else? Panicking. A lot. Unemployment does not suit my constitution. (In Rachel’s opinion unemployment suits few people’s constitutions! )

In Rachel’s opinion we should all dedicate some time to mainstreaming heavily armored shoes in children’s sizes because I keep stepping on Kiki’s teeny, tiny, feet!

In other news I don’t think I was approved for the My Little Pony forum. I guess the username: ManMareontheMoon sounds a little too pedophiliac for the forum’s taste. My undercover Brony dream is shattered! O.K I wasn’t that attached to it. After a brief mourning period I can move on with my life.

In other news, Rachel and I have decided to reread 1984 this week. Maybe we’ll watch the movie when we’re done.

Speaking of highly controlled societies, here is one last clip on Richard Engel’s trip to North Korea.

Rachel is trying to write a haiku every day. They aren’t very good, but perhaps I will let you read some soon! I want to get a little box so that I can write them on little cards and read them when I am in the mood to enjoy my own genius! (Don’t worry folks, I’ll make her eat some humble pie…) Well when I actually read them I may come to the self realization that I am not, in fact, a genius after all…

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