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A Congratulations And Becoming The Crazy Lady In The Attic

By Kiki Keane

Rachel and I would like to acknowledge and give a big CONGRATULATIONS to fellow blogger, The Restless Rani, for her Awesome Blog Content Award.

Somehow I missed that she is also doing the 50/50 challenge for 2012. The challenge is to read 50 books and watch 50 movies. I tried to do a 30 books and 30 movies challenge a few years back. It did not end well. So, I wish her good luck. Also, I was thinking I might give the challenge a try. I’m already behind by two months, but maybe it’ll give me the kick I need to read all those books about the Middle East and Africa that I have to prepare for my trip. I may go mad by the end, but than it’s possible that I am already. Besides, I always wanted to be the crazy lady in the attic.

If you’re interested in what I am currently reading for the challenge you can click the Goodreads link at the bottom right of the blog under our twitter updates. Warning: My shelves are mostly empty at the moment because I just signed up for it. But fear not! They will be something to behold soon enough (not to brag or anything)!

Also, a heads up! Richard Engel’s report on Fukashima one year later will air tonight on Rock Center, which also has a new time (10pm).



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