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A Workers Lament

By Kiki Keane

I don’t usually like to complain about work. I am well aware how lucky I am to have job. Also, I need the job to make my schemes and dreams come true. I just want to say that for first time in my life I really, truly hate my job. It literally (and yes “literally” is used way to much, so sue me) makes me sick to go to work. It’s the first job I have where I am truly afraid that I will screw something up and get fired. It’s not dealing with the customers. Despite my snarkiness and introverted nature, I actually really like people. I just hate the phone, I hate the feeling that I have no idea what I’m doing and having to pretend that I do. In all honesty, I don’t have any more of a clue than the customer. The only advantage I have is a system that has the answers IF you know how to find them. I have begun to apply for other jobs. I’m even willing to take a pay cut.

On a lighter note, I have actually practiced Arabic a bit this week. I can now ask the question, “What is this?” Now if I could just understand the answer, I would be rockin’!

Here are a few stories I have been paying attention to today:

1) The possible coup attempt in Mali

2) Richard Engel’s report on Cybercrime (actually, that’s only part of the story. The full report can be found on the Rock Center website)

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