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Out With The Old In With The New (Goals)

By Kiki Keane and Rachel Womek

Well…after writing a final paper (Rachel), dog training (I, Rachel, enlisted Kiki against her will to help me train my foster dog. She did well despite her many protestations. And she will not be doing it again because she will go Red Queen on my ass if I ask her again.) and a manhunt for a friend who went a-wall (turns out she was at Burger King), Rachel and I have settled our butts down at our home away from home’s cafe. We are drinking Frappes: a Mayan Mocha for Rachel and Decaf Light Carmel for me (except the barrista put whip and carmel on it so I’m not sure how light the light is). I have a feeling we will wind up in a fluffy chair reading (Rachel: Scientific American–“A Unified Physics?” and Me: Something that is not the book I’m supposed to be reading for my book club, because that’s how I roll these days…).

Anyway, enough of the useless introductions and on with our obsessive goal making.

Kiki: I accomplished one goal: watch a movie (The Avengers). I blame work and work and friends (okay…there’s some avoidance on my part, too).

New Goals: Same as last time: 1) Finish at least one of the books I’ve started and read 1984 2) Work on my book 3) Watch a movie 4) Not panic or have a panic attack about any of the following: my bum status, lack of funds for my upcoming move to Egypt/N. Africa/Mid-East, the fact that I am a single (not actually something I’m upset about), soon to be 28-year-old woman with a cat who lives with her grandparents (don’t judge!).

Rachel: I completed the majority of my goals this week. I did not post photos on the blog. Shame on me! I did study and am now finished with my finals! Hurrah! I Did finish 1984, as well as The Dog Who Danced by Susan Wilson and just today Getting Started Clicker Training For Dogs By Karen Pryor. I am on a roll with reading! (Click.Treat.) I wanted to catch up to my movies and now I only need two more books to be completely even. Maybe I am a little OCD deep down because it bothers me that my book and film numbers are uneven!

New Goals: 1) Read two entire books! Should be doable now that school is out! 2) Get some photos on the blog! For real! 3) Get some more Haiku on the blog (Unless you guys don’t like them: let me know) 4) Train my dog, Kiora, to cover her nose on cue 5) Apply for at least two different positions.

Collective Goals: 1) Arabic 2) One of our books must be trip related 3) Get Rachel’s passport photo

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Avoiding Angsty Vamps and Angry Werewolves by Drinking Bad Coffee and Eating Stale Pastries, or Why We Will Probably Die

By Kiki Keane and Rachel Womek

Well… this may or may not be a lengthy blog because we may or may not get dragged away (against our will) to watch angsty, sparkling vampires and angry, hormonal werewolves battling it out for seemingly the only vagina in town.

Until then we will write… something.

We are sitting in a bookstore eating stale pastries and drinking false macchiatos (real macchiatos are dry cappuccinos whereas false ones are layered lattes) and being forced to listen to Reba McEntire and Vince Gill. Kiki’s complaining because she hasn’t heard this much country “music” since she ran away from her country lovin’ town nearly 15 years ago… She say’s that Gaga lady would be preferable, although this comes from a girl who has the soul of an 80-year old woman. She’s kind of cantankerous that way. Rachel is trying to avoid attracting the attention of a less-than favorite relative who happens to be sitting just one table over. If he’s noticed her he hasn’t shown it…she is hoping for an outcome of zero uncomfortable conversation.

Earlier today Rachel got her piercing jewelry changed for only the second time since she’s gotten it. This was the first time changing the nose screw and it was not easy. First you have to pull it out straight and then twist and twist. Unfortunately the twisting produced discomfort and not being a masochist she opted to have the professional do it for her. Eventually she will have to do it herself, but not today. Her new jewelry is a black star.

I (Kiki) have been enjoying, or trying to enjoy, my last few days of freedom before entering the corporate world (thankfully it’s only for about seven months). I have spent my time watching Murder, She Wrote, Investigation Discovery and reading Hemingway and news articles via Here is what I have learned. 1) You can’t fool Jessica Fletcher 2) I kind of want to be her just because she’s so kick-ass 3) Anyone could kill you 4) You could die from a scratch, so we have to remember to bring Iodine or anti-bacterial ointment when we (finally) get to the Middle East/Africa 5) It will be near impossible for any non-state entity to get an atomic weapon 6) Anything is possible 7) Nations (fill in the blank) are not likely to launch into an atomic war 8) Anything is possible 9) I may have to change my reading material.

I (Rachel) wish I had time to watch T.V, between class, work, and chores I don’t have much time for that. Oh why does the temporal dimension only head the one way? Perhaps when the Big Crunch happens time can reverse and I can read backwards.

Looks like we may be heading out, although we fortunately seem to have missed our showing, such a pity. *sarcasm*

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