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It’s That Time Again! Aren’t You Excited?

By Kiki Keane and Rachel Womek

It’s goal time again. So, did we change things up for once or continue on disappointing road of almost complete failure?

We failed…mostly. Well…Kiki mostly failed.


I finished my book club book. The whole thing. Even though I hated almost every single solitary syllable. I also watched a movie. Actually I watched two: Raiders of the Lost Ark and Journey 2. Sadly, I have panicked each and everyday. Sometimes multiple times a day. But, that’s how roll. Also, I did not find a new job, but not for lack of trying. I have pounded the pavement, worn holes in my shoes and killed a few trees. Now it’s up to employers to see my awesomeness and hire me.

New Goals:

1) Read a book 2) work on my novel 3) watch a movie 4) apply for my passport card and visa


I didn’t do too badly actually, in my goal accomplishing efforts. I did not succeed at all researching vaccinations, but that was really my only flop. I completed my passport application so the only things remaining are to get my photos, print, and ship out the thing. I am getting it expedited. As can be observed from my previous blog post I did indeed practice my photography while attending the White Privilege Conference in the ABQ. I also finished Cakes and Ale and although I haven’t finished A Universe From Nothing yet I am on the last chapter, so expect that to be completed by next week. Lastly I over exceeded one of my goals by watching not one but four movies! I saw: John CarterAnne Braden: Southern Patriot, The Christine Jorgensen Story, and Where The Heart Is. I am now a bono fide couch potato, brain washed, typical American! (Not really!)

New Goals:

1) Finish A Universe From Nothing and read one other book 2) Research vaccinations 3) Watch another movie 4) Practice lots of photography!!!!

The Collective:

1) Study Arabic 2) Blog bigger and better things


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