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We Will All Be Billionaires But It Won’t Matter Because We Will All Owe A Billion Dollars…

By Kiki Keane

Apparently unemployment makes me lazy. What have I done this week? Ummmm. Well, I’ve almost finished my book club book, watched Raiders of the Lost Ark, watched bad weather related movies on Syfy and played catch-the-string with my cat. What an exciting life I lead! Also, coconut Jelly Bellies are more addictive than cocaine.

Unemployment also gives one lots of time to serf the Web. Here are some awesome and, hopefully, interesting things I’ve found.


1) So in 70 years, if I’m reading this right, we will all be billionaires and natural gas will be free, or nearly free by 2015. The bad news is our (the US) officially assessed natural gas reserves will be dry by 2025 and by 2030, China will be using all the oil, leaving nothing for the US or Europe. Also, while we all will be billionaires we will also all owe a billion dollars…

2) The NuStar mission will “will pierce the dust and gas shrouding sources of high-energy X-rays, revealing many secrets they have long managed to conceal, scientists say.”

3) Hubble spies ‘UFO’ Galaxy

4) Here are Life Science’s Best Science Photos of the Week

5) Could Pandora exist? Here is an article, which discusses popular sci-fi concepts, including a planet like Pandora

6) Hey look! A giant space head!

Culture and Books:

1) Christopher Priest blasts 5 of 6 Arthur C Clarke award shortlisters and thinks the award should be suspended and judges forced to resign.

2) And here is a letter one of the judges sent to the guardian in response to Priest’s “tantrum.”

Personally, I agree with Priest (not about the suspension or about the judges), but about the books on the lists.

3) The Fall of the Roman Empire and the Rise of Islam: A historical meets sci-fi geek out!

4) Here is a question I debated more than 10 years ago when I was in high school. It was a Speculative Fiction (it’s what self-conscious writers call sci-fi/fantasy) writing class that I attended once a week after classes let out.

5) Here is an old post about the 1000 novels you should read. I’m still working my way through the list to see what I’ve read and what I might like to read (and it’s only part 1).


1) Okay. This isn’t news, but it is interesting and Richard Engel is a journalist.

2) Mali rebels advance. It’s only a few minutes at the start of the broadcast. This coup is really interesting stuff. Sanctions to start on Monday

3) Muslim Brotherhood names presidential candidate

4) Burma votes and Aung San Suu Kyi takes part


1) A Physicist at large: Richard Feynman’s journey to Tuva

Rachel and I will be blogging tomorrow and she should post some stuff on her retreat.

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