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We Accomplished Something!!!! Score One For The Collective (You Will Be Assimilated)!

By Kiki Keane and Rachel Womek

How did we do with our goals this week? Rachel 0 of 4, Kiki 0 of 3, Collective 1 of 4

Hey…at least we accomplished something!

So, what did we accomplish? We bought our tickets! We are leaving for Egypt in the fall. We are now officially psyched and broke. This marks an important step for us as a tangible, major, obstacle we’ve over come. It is also symbolically significant. It symbolizes the reality and finality of our scheme. I (Rachel) have been running through the gamut of my emotions: elation, terror, discouragement, anticipation, apathy…you name it. This will be my first trip off the continent! Meanwhile, Kiki is excited about the trip, but overwhelmed by the very real possibility that she will fall flat on her face and have to come back with her tail between her legs.

We have so much to do now and the clock is counting down!

We are setting new, more realistic, and more pertinent, goals for next week!!!

Rachel: I will finish my Bradbury book and more importantly research required vaccinations for North and South Africa and the Middle East. I will also practice photography.

Kiki: I will read a book (any book) and research Egyptian cell phone plans.

The Collective: Study Arabic!!!

In other news:

Here is a better link to the Richard Engel preview on Rock Center. It’s actually the same link, it’s just easier to find on the Rock Center page now.



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