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Pet Peeves

By: Rachel Womek

As you have no doubt surmised, Constant Reader, pet peeves are the topic of my blog today. Both literal and figurative.

A few days ago I borrowed a newly acquired book from my sister. The book was just recently published and is available in hardback only. My house is full of books. There are books in nearly every room, on shelves and on tables. I am currently fostering a stray dog, a year old puppy. I’ve been caring for this puppy about a month now and she has never displayed any interest in books or destructive behavior towards books; until now.

Yes, you’ve guessed it Reader: the puppy ate the brand new book recently borrowed from my sister! not only is this highly inconvenient but it is also strange and aberrant behavior. When dogs chew they commonly chose items that are well used and favored by the dogs favorite people: things that are drenched in the scent of that person. This new book could not have accumulated as much scent as the other books. Why did the puppy chose the new book over the old ones covered in aroma? Odd. Now I will have to buy my sister a new book. Ce la vie!


Here is a figurative pet peeve of mine. The use of the word “theory” used to mean the word “hypothesis”. A hypothesis, as you may well know Constant Reader, is a scientific guess. In the  scientific method the hypothesis comes first. A scientist guesses that if A happens perhaps B will occur. A theory is an idea, well tested, that is thought to be correct and is backed by much scientific evidence.

If a theory stands the test of time it then becomes a scientific law. An example of a scientific theory is the theory of gravity. Another is the theory of evolution. I find it interesting that the former theory is so widely accepted and the latter so widely denounced. The same rigorous testing was applied to both. Nobody is jumping off a cliff claiming that “gravity is only a theory”. But I digress. In America at least people have a habit of using the word theory in place of the word hypothesis. ‘I have a theory that X has a thing for Y”…etc. So in the future remember: Hypothesis is to Guess as Theory is to Fact.

What, Constant Reader, are your pet peeves?

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Rockin’ It Goal Style, Or Why We Suck!

By Kiki Keane and Rachel Womek

Today is goal day yet again! I’m sure you are all on tinder-hooks!


Did I meet any goals? Pah! Why would I change my habits now? Just one, dear readers. Just one. I’m not even going to attempt an excuse. I am simply lazy!

The goal I met was #3 and boy did I meet it! I kicked that goal’s ass all the way to Timbuktu! I didn’t watch just one movie, I watched FIVE! This may not seem like that big a deal, but considering that I am apparently incapable of doing what I set out to do I would say I ROCKED IT! I watched all three of the librarian movies, The Raven and A Dangerous Method.

Here are the goals for the upcoming week. I am just going to cut and paste again.

1) Finish at least one of the books I’ve started and read 1984 2) Work on my book 3) Watch a movie 4) Not panic or have a panic attack about any of the following: my bum status, lack of funds for my upcoming move to Egypt/N. Africa/Mid-East, the fact that I am a single (not actually something I’m upset about), soon to be 28-year-old woman with a cat who lives with her grandparents (don’t judge!).

Here is the good news, though! I have a job! So, I can no longer gripe about my unemployment status, but I still reserve the right to complain about the things mentioned in goal #4 (which would mean that I automatically forfeit that goal…).


I only set two simple goals for myself and accomplished only 50%  of them. The goal I did not accomplish was to read 1984 completely. I did not complete it, although I have read about 230 pages; which for me is pretty lame (but I still beat Kiki). Apparently my heart is still beating so I have indeed survived my school week, in the most technical sense. Success!

New goals:

1) Complete 1984 (For real this time!) 2) Complete one other book 3) Get some new photos up on the blog 4) Study diligently

Outside: blazing sun.

Within sugary coffee drinks

And expensive books.

(by Rachel)

Collective Goals: 1) Arabic and 2) Actually blogging

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An Apology, A Question, An Answer And A Heads Up…

By Kiki Keane

Boy! Left to my own devices (Rachel is away on a retreat), I have become even lazier than normal. Rachel is away one day and I fall down on my job. I decided that Journey 2The Golden Girls, a trip to the library and surfing the Web for adventure books was a far better use of my time than a blog post. Sorry.

Here’s my thought/question of the day:

Have you ever been slapped in the face by the words in a book? Did those words inspire you or push you to make you change your life, or at least part of your life?

I have. It happened last Friday. The book itself is nothing special. I wouldn’t have even picked it up if it wasn’t this months pick for my book club. Bloodland, by Alan Glynn (Limitless), is a suspense novel about an unemployed journalist who is writing a book about a dead celebrity, which leads him to some nefarious dealings of some powerful, shady people. It wasn’t so much the words that made me slap my head and say “Duh,” rather it was a scene. A man, Rundle, is anxious. He should be. Everything he has worked for could come crashing down around him at any moment. It turns out that the anxiety is from fear of losing control. I read that scene and I thought, “F**k!” My situation is nothing like Rundle’s. I’m not afraid of losing control or losing everything. The Duh/F**k moment was the realization that what I have been experiencing that last eight weeks is not nerves, but anxiety. And what I experienced last week was a full blown attack. I have never actually been sick before going to work. I have never dreaded walking out my door in the morning. I have never had to fake a smile. Until last week, that is. I thought I could handle it. I thought I could live through it. It was only for 23 weeks, after all. But I couldn’t. I started to hate people. Not, the people-can-be-so-annoying kind of hate, but the burning, rage-filled hate. And when Rachel became the optimistic one in the group, I knew something had to be done. So, I quit.

The good news is that I don’t hate people anymore. I trust them less, but I don’t hate them. Also, I’m back to being plain old nervous about not making enough money for my trip and falling flat on face, instead of nursing an ulcer. Bad news: back to the Want Ads.

Just an FYI: A new episode of Richard Engel’s Hidden Planet has been released on the Rock Center iPad app. It will be on the website next week. The current episode is about the Saqqara plateau, Egypt’s oldest pyramid complex. Good stuff!

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Continued Panic, Old and New Goals And Failing In Style…

By: Kiki Keane and Rachel Womek

It’s that time again, time to talk about our weekly goals. For better or for worse (usually for worse) today proves no exception.

Rachel’s goals were to: 1) Read and finish at least two books 2) Watch at least one movie 3) Research vaccinations 4) Practice photography

Rachel read  only 1.5 books this week. Goal nearly accomplished but not quite. She did watch one movie: Alien. The last two goals she failed at miserably. She also failed at the majority of our joint goals; with the exception of one (“Don’t Panic”). Before you know it she’ll be off exploring the galaxies towel in one hand Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster in the other!

Kiki’s goals were to: 1) Read two books and 2) Watch a couple of movies.

Kiki read a few pages here and there in a couple of different books. She also watched a couple of movies: The Mirror Has Two Faces, Casino Royal and The Bourne Identity. As far as the collective goals go, Kiki studied a very little bit of Arabic and failed miserably at everything else. Especially the “Don’t Panic” goal. Kiki has managed to make panicking-about-stupid-things into an art form. For some reason she can nearly drive herself and her friend off an icy road and nearly off a cliff and not bat an eyelash, but going to work is not only panic inducing, but vomit worthy. She really, really needs a new job.

New and easily obtainable, idiot-proof, goals!!!

Rachel: 1) Research vaccinations 2) Practice photography (No problem since I’ll be at the WP Conference!) 3) Finish both Cakes and Ale and A Universe From Nothing! 4) Start Passport Application 5) Watch one movie!

A lot of goals but I (Rachel) had to carry over the ones I completely ****ed up on!

Kiki: 1) Don’t panic (hahaha) 2) Finish my book club book 3) Watch a movie 4) Find a new job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, maybe I’m not good at picking obtainable goals… Maybe I like failure…

Collective: 1) Study Arabic 2) Blog about fabulous things 3) Blog more


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Wind, Books, Books and More Books, Or The Life Of A Bookworm…

By Kiki Keane and Rachel Womek

Wow! It’s a windy day here in New Mexico. Rachel and I were almost blown away as we walked from the car to the restaurant where we are now sitting. The horizon is a haze of brown and our faced are caked in sand. This is why Kiki hates Spring. This is why Kiki hates Spring. All outdoor activities are now off the roster, not that they were ever on our roster. At least it’s not all bad sitting here in a restaurant, eating comfort foods (hey, we’re going to the gym later!) and blogging.

We’ve just come from the library where Rachel walked away with 3 books and Kiki with 4 books and a movie. We are serious about our 50/50 challenge, no matter how arduous pleasure reading is (sarcasm). Rachel also lent Kiki a couple books so she’as got at least 7 to get through.We hope she can stop watching The Golden Girls long enough to get through them!

We are now about to head to our local used bookstore, Coas Books. It is a giant, six room cornucopia of literary adventure, knowledge and all things awesome. It is all one of the top used bookstores in the nation.

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