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Continued Panic, Old and New Goals And Failing In Style…

By: Kiki Keane and Rachel Womek

It’s that time again, time to talk about our weekly goals. For better or for worse (usually for worse) today proves no exception.

Rachel’s goals were to: 1) Read and finish at least two books 2) Watch at least one movie 3) Research vaccinations 4) Practice photography

Rachel read  only 1.5 books this week. Goal nearly accomplished but not quite. She did watch one movie: Alien. The last two goals she failed at miserably. She also failed at the majority of our joint goals; with the exception of one (“Don’t Panic”). Before you know it she’ll be off exploring the galaxies towel in one hand Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster in the other!

Kiki’s goals were to: 1) Read two books and 2) Watch a couple of movies.

Kiki read a few pages here and there in a couple of different books. She also watched a couple of movies: The Mirror Has Two Faces, Casino Royal and The Bourne Identity. As far as the collective goals go, Kiki studied a very little bit of Arabic and failed miserably at everything else. Especially the “Don’t Panic” goal. Kiki has managed to make panicking-about-stupid-things into an art form. For some reason she can nearly drive herself and her friend off an icy road and nearly off a cliff and not bat an eyelash, but going to work is not only panic inducing, but vomit worthy. She really, really needs a new job.

New and easily obtainable, idiot-proof, goals!!!

Rachel: 1) Research vaccinations 2) Practice photography (No problem since I’ll be at the WP Conference!) 3) Finish both Cakes and Ale and A Universe From Nothing! 4) Start Passport Application 5) Watch one movie!

A lot of goals but I (Rachel) had to carry over the ones I completely ****ed up on!

Kiki: 1) Don’t panic (hahaha) 2) Finish my book club book 3) Watch a movie 4) Find a new job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, maybe I’m not good at picking obtainable goals… Maybe I like failure…

Collective: 1) Study Arabic 2) Blog about fabulous things 3) Blog more


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A Congratulations And Becoming The Crazy Lady In The Attic

By Kiki Keane

Rachel and I would like to acknowledge and give a big CONGRATULATIONS to fellow blogger, The Restless Rani, for her Awesome Blog Content Award.

Somehow I missed that she is also doing the 50/50 challenge for 2012. The challenge is to read 50 books and watch 50 movies. I tried to do a 30 books and 30 movies challenge a few years back. It did not end well. So, I wish her good luck. Also, I was thinking I might give the challenge a try. I’m already behind by two months, but maybe it’ll give me the kick I need to read all those books about the Middle East and Africa that I have to prepare for my trip. I may go mad by the end, but than it’s possible that I am already. Besides, I always wanted to be the crazy lady in the attic.

If you’re interested in what I am currently reading for the challenge you can click the Goodreads link at the bottom right of the blog under our twitter updates. Warning: My shelves are mostly empty at the moment because I just signed up for it. But fear not! They will be something to behold soon enough (not to brag or anything)!

Also, a heads up! Richard Engel’s report on Fukashima one year later will air tonight on Rock Center, which also has a new time (10pm).



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