A Noteworthy Blogger, Mediocre Haiku And The Tragic Reality Of Ignorance In America’s Youth OR Why Kiki Will Become A Hermit Soon

By: Kiki Keane and Rachel Womek

Greetings Constant Readers from the hazy nebula of our collective imagination!

First of all we would like to issue a shout out to a great blogger and a personal friend of Rachel’s. The Desert Scientist, an entomologist who blogs primarily about the environment, the flora and fauna of New Mexico and Women Scientists. He regularly features the biographies of different female scientists. We commend him for bringing the scientific contributions of these often overlooked scientist to light and for educating the public about the oft ignored creepy crawlies. Rachel, at least, loves reading about reptiles, insects and arachnids! He’s also a pretty darn good photographer.

Rachel has been doing a few Haiku, with the goal of one a day. So far it hasn’t been going quite that way. Some days she writes none and others she will jot down several she has been collecting in the vast and largely unexplored reservoirs of her mind. O.K, O.K, maybe I am getting a little carried away. They are not anything special; just my way of exercising a tiny bit of creativity and enabling me to do a small bit of writing each day. We can’t all write impressive novels like Kiki (haha!)

Rachel’s Haiku:

Beneath the mountian

Poppies consume the desert.

Carpeting yellow.


Clear morning reveals

Coral colored blossoms.

Thorny cactus plant.


Marching brown army,

Ants invading the kitchen.

Stay away from my stove!


As for me (Kiki), well…I’ve done very little this week. Since I am unemployed I have vast amounts of time on my hands so I thought I’d take the opportunity to do something creative and productive. Hence, the novel. Sadly, when it comes to me, vast amounts of time leads to laziness. Basically this means that I have done very little this week. I have written maybe three hundred words of my novel (it should be about 1600 a day). I have not practiced Arabic and I have not read a single word of anything. Not a book, not a poem, not a newspaper.

I did, however, manage to get my lazy butt out of bed to see The Raven yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised. It is not a cinematic masterpiece, but it was worth the money. Also, it was sufficiently gruesome. Later I rented A Dangerous Method. It was pretty good, too. I enjoyed the acting, which is saying something. I would recommend both.

I also saw sat down with an old friend for the first time in nearly ten years. We had a great deal to talk about. One of the things we talked about was the dismal state of affairs we are in when it comes to what the American people know about history and about books. For example, my friend mentioned that according to a survey, most young people did not know that the movie Titanic was based on a historical event! How could they know about the Titanic? It may not be favorite historical tragedy (and yes, I understand how creepy it is to have favorite historical tragedy), but it was huge! Also, I mentioned that Longfellow and Emerson were mentioned (not nicely) by Poe in The Raven. Actually, it was suppose to be funny. I was the only one that laughed. I’m sure the friend I went with knew who those illustrious men were and why it was funny, but there wasn’t peep from anyone else. This saddens me. Is this were we are headed? Where reality stars and football scores are more famous and more important then our tragedies and triumphs, our great men of letters? Really? I don’t think I want to be part of that world. Maybe I should just become hermit.

Rachel would like to add that I’ve been trying to become a hermit for years! It is easier said than done. I have one more haiku to bore you all with it is one I just wrote while Kiki was zealously typing away. This is something I saw today between Las Cruces and Hatch.


Men baling green hay;

Sweet scented under the sun.

Last days of April.

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A Bit of Progress and Another Nerdgasm

By: Rachel Womek

I’m on a movie watching role! Two days and two movies! I got the Alien Anthology and am working my way through the four films. This means that one goal (watch one movie) has already been fulfilled. As they say at the football match (International football, not American): GOOOAALLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The heroine of these films: Ripley, is I feel, one of the best and most authentic female protagonist characters. She is not an over-sexed dominatrix type (think Kate Beckinsale ala Underworld) nor is she an extremely butch woman. She is a hero on the same level as any male hero portrayed in film, and unmistakably female.

In world news a photographer captured a shocking moment as a Tibetan activist protested China’s rule in his country by setting himself on fire.

Here in New Mexico the weather’s warming a bit. I caught a quick snapshot of the mountains:

In non-photography related news:

Today is Leonard Nimoy’s 81rst Birthday!!!! 81 years old and still sexy. For those of you who have been living under a rock since the dawn of man: Leonard Nimoy is the wonderful actor who brought to life the character of Spock in Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek. This year he’ll be appearing in the more modern hit television series: The Big Bang Theory.

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I Am To Tired To Think Of A Title, So Your Stuck With This Unnecessarily Long Non-Title…

By Kiki Keane

Well… it is past the time when Rachel and I write about how we failed to fulfill our weekly goals. It was a very trying and sad week for Rachel, so she has an excuse. I have no such excuse. I can only blame my addiction to The Golden Girls and sleep. But, starting today (Thursday), I am going to force myself out of bed to practice my Arabic and read before work (I can see you all rolling your eyes!).

I did actually accomplish at least one of my goals. I finished a book. I read Die A Little by Megan Abbott, which I think I mentioned in another post. It is a Noir that pits two femme fatals against each other in 1950s L.A. Chandler she is not, but Abbott has the ability to keep you engaged and creeped-out for the duration.

Also, I listened to Arabic music. Can that count as my Arabic study? No? Fine. If you want a nice jazzy album you should give Rough Guide: Arabic Lounge a try.

I think I’m going to keep my goals for this week the same as last week. Except I will read two books this week! Yes! Two whole books! The first is The Sisters Brothers by Patrick Dewitt. The second is yet to be determined. I’m thinking I will reread Richard Engel’s War Journal.

Here are some news stories I’ve been keeping an eye on:

1) The terrible murders in Afghanistan. Here’s the latest from MSNBC and here is Richard Engel’s Nightly News update.

2) The birth control controversy in Arizona. This piece is opinion rather than news.

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We Accomplished Something!!!! Score One For The Collective (You Will Be Assimilated)!

By Kiki Keane and Rachel Womek

How did we do with our goals this week? Rachel 0 of 4, Kiki 0 of 3, Collective 1 of 4

Hey…at least we accomplished something!

So, what did we accomplish? We bought our tickets! We are leaving for Egypt in the fall. We are now officially psyched and broke. This marks an important step for us as a tangible, major, obstacle we’ve over come. It is also symbolically significant. It symbolizes the reality and finality of our scheme. I (Rachel) have been running through the gamut of my emotions: elation, terror, discouragement, anticipation, apathy…you name it. This will be my first trip off the continent! Meanwhile, Kiki is excited about the trip, but overwhelmed by the very real possibility that she will fall flat on her face and have to come back with her tail between her legs.

We have so much to do now and the clock is counting down!

We are setting new, more realistic, and more pertinent, goals for next week!!!

Rachel: I will finish my Bradbury book and more importantly research required vaccinations for North and South Africa and the Middle East. I will also practice photography.

Kiki: I will read a book (any book) and research Egyptian cell phone plans.

The Collective: Study Arabic!!!

In other news:

Here is a better link to the Richard Engel preview on Rock Center. It’s actually the same link, it’s just easier to find on the Rock Center page now.



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Colder Than a Witches Tit in a Brass Bra

By: Rachel Womek

Today my co-worker observed a female student wearing an extremely small and skin-tight top. “Why would she wear that?” He wondered. “It’s so cold”. “Whatever”, I scoffed, “if she wants to freeze in her ridiculousness that’s her prerogative.”  Later, however, I got to thinking about it.  Why do women torture themselves to appear sexually attractive?  Why do they (I am using “they” despite the fact of  my inclusion in the female sex because I don’t participate in these torturous behaviors) clamp metal guillotines on their eyelashes, walk about in pinching, chafing, stilt-like shoes, and wear skimpy scraps of material on their body on frigid spring mornings?

Because our society dictates that women measure their self-worth by the degree to which males find them desirable.  And they do.

From an early age our parents and our culture teaches women their “proper” place in the world they have been born into.  Wear pink, play with dolls, be a princess, someday you’ll marry, don’t talk to strangers…you are a delicate and precious flower that needs to be nourished and protected from the big and dangerous world of men.  At least that’s how it was when I was a kid. Now it seems like girls are getting a mixed message and they don’t know which side to listen to. You’re independent and strong…but you’re my precious baby girl.  The result seems to be women who are dependent and manipulated,  but who don’t realize it.  You have to work hard and look beautiful, have a career and snag yourself a husband, be wise in the ways of the world but never physically age.

I am not saying that a women shouldn’t dress up or put on makeup if that’s what she wants, but she should do it for herself, not because she needs validation.  Trust me : if you need to freeze your tits off to catch him he’s not worth it!

Hey guys: If you ever encounter this situation with a girl you are interested in maybe the nice thing would be to offer her your jacket. Let her know that you care about her comfort more than her cleavage.  Hopefully next time she’ll be sensible enough to bring her own.

Note: I am not trying to be biased in only addressing straight women.  In my experience it is mostly the straight women who have this issue.  Just to be clear women should also not measure their self-worth based on the degree to which women find them desirable.

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