Kiki Keane is a freelance journalist, nerd, bookworm, adventurer, traveler, a sometime schemer and full-time dreamer. Her current scheme is to go to the Middle East and Africa to try her hand at being a freelance foreign correspondent. This, of course, requires her to find a “real” job (no small feat these days) so that she can afford to take such a crazy trip.

Rachel Womek is a nerd, bookworm, biology student and soon to be adventurer. She will be joining Kiki on her madcap adventures and acting as her snarky support system, camerawoman and occasional photographer.

Together, Kiki and Rachel are The Intrepids. Sharing with you, our dear readers, our journey,trials, tribulations and adventures…

Our trip begins September 10, 2012!


3 thoughts on “Bios

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  2. Hey ladies! Love the blog and I’m glad to hear the tickets are booked!! I would love to go with you:P Also, I’ve nominated you for the Awesome Blog Content Award. Check out my site for details! Nothing huge, but hopefully you’ll get some more readers out of it!

  3. Rachel

    This is so exciting

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