Bloggin’ It Up Wizard Style

By: Rachel Womek

Good news Constant Readers! I got my birth certificate and we sent off for my expidited passport today. Celebratory exaltation is in order!

Yesterday I was bored so I watched Lawrence Krauss mop the floor with some philosopher in a debate on whether there is evidence for a deity, which can be seen here. The philosopher would have done better if he hadn’t tried to stick with a strictly Judeo-Christian version of God and if he hadn’t have continued to insist that the universe was fine tuned for “embodied, interactive, angels”, whatever that is supposed to mean. Krauss also showed a more respectful and open minded attitude to all possibilities than his opponent did, which ultimately may have pushed him over the finish line. Also empirical evidence, or in this case lack of empirical evidence, must be the final word in ways of knowing.

I also spent quite a bit of time playing Skyrim, which is about the ultimate method of ignoring the fact that time only goes in the one direction and entropy is progressive. I got a mod to spend dragon souls on perks, which is great, but then I used all of my souls so I had to get a perk which would allow dragons to spontaneously generate more frequently, so that I could kill a larger number of them. So yesterday and today I traveled around Skyrim trying to find and kill as many dragons as possible. so that, of all things, I could decorate one of my houses with weapons I made myself. Is that not the most pointless and inane of all endeavors? Well maybe not, I have seen that Rebecca Black video…

The rest of the day I spent on more practical, but also less fun efforts of trying to learn even a little but of Arabic. Like this one, written by Kiki, for me to translate:  as-sayyaara al-‘aswad wa as-sarii’  or The yellow car is fast. 30 more sentences like that and my brain is ready for another inane Skyrim vacation.

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6 thoughts on “Bloggin’ It Up Wizard Style

  1. Rachel M

    Ooo I love Skyrim!! I was so addicted to that game, then my mom stole it and she’s addicted too… Glad you got the passport taken care of! Did you know, as of now you, can get an Egyptian visa here at the Cairo airport? For a while you had to send in for one in the states via the Houston consulate but they changed the policy back. Not sure what kind of visa you’re searching for though. The one I bought allows you 3 months. Awesome job with the Arabic!!!

  2. Rachel M

    I don’t think the Arabic there is Egyptian dialect though, but it’s hard to find anything on that specific dialect. Will you be traveling to other Arabic speaking countries?

    • Rachel M

      Oops sorry, I asked Ahmed, he said what you had written was classic not colloquial but also said that you are missing a word in the transliteration ( I can’t remember which word he said). I was confused because I was looking for the colloquial word aarabiya (car) but you are right and it’s wiser to learn classical as it should be understood by all dialects. Sadly and shamefully I know very little Arabic, though I am around it every day. Maybe I should take a class…

  3. Yes, the one we are learning is called Modern Standard Arabic, according to our book Arabic for Dummies, and the reason we are learning that one is because Kiki will be traveling to several different Arabic speaking countries. If you can tell me what I missed though in my translation that would be awesome, Kiki is a lot better at it than I am.

  4. Rachel M

    Actually he said what is written there is, literally “The black car and fast” . “assayyara al-safraa sariia” <— he typed this out himself and said this means "The yellow car is fast" in classical Arabic, and said if you ever want any help or tutoring he'd love to help and is sad you didn't ask him since translation is his specialty 😛

    • Darn. black and yellow and brown all start with ass …that’s all I can remember. But Kiki and I both messed up…we write sentences to each other and try to translate them…Kiki wrote the sentence wrong and I translated it wrong too. Next time I’m confused…which is often I’ll be sure to ask Ahmed.:)

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