Happy And Sad News, Haiku And Two Grievances, Or Why We Are Cranky…

By Kiki Keane and Rachel Womek

The results of the Egyptian election have come in and the results are disappointing for some. The choices are the Brotherhood’s Mursi and former PM Shafiq. The future might be bleak for Egypt. Here’s Richard Engel’s analysis of what could happen if either man is elected. He doesn’t really see much of a silver lining.

Sadly, there was another deadly attack in Syria today. Ninety-two people were killed, 32 of which were children. This is the deadliest attack since the peace plan took affect April 12, 2012. According to Al Jazeera, the Free Syrian Army will no longer abide by the ceasefire if the UN does not take “urgent steps for the protection of civilians.” Ban Ki-moon and Kofi Annan have officially condemned the attacks in “the strongest possible terms,” said UN spokesman Martin Nesirky. Here is the Al Jazeera report. And here is Engel’s report of NBC Nightly News.

In happier news my (Rachel’s) middle brother graduated from High School earlier this week! New Mexico has a shockingly bad school system: I believe the graduation rate is about 63%. The school my brother went to is the best charter school in the state with a 97% graduation rate. The school centers their learning around the arts. My brother graduated as a Culinary Artist and won an award for culinary excellence as well as an award for the biggest comeback: going from very poor behavior and grades to the top Culinary Artist in his school. Congratulations Arthur! 


Silver safety pins

Ornament the tassled cap.

May graduation.


In light of world events, the following is no doubt frivolous and silly. However, Rachel and I are sitting here in one of our local bookstores stewing in annoyance. We are annoyed for different reasons. I am annoyed at the couple with a baby. Normally, I’d be annoyed at the baby, but right now all I think is that poor kid doesn’t stand a chance. The kid is old enough to walk, but is unsteady. He’s still in diapers. Still requires a stroller. He is remarkably well behaved. The child wandered a bit, but was close enough and wary enough that he did not move beyond his parents reach. The mother told the little boy to “come here.” The child, a bit distracted by all the things around him stayed where he stood. Again, with in his mother’s easy reach. The father (I assume) stood up, picked up the child, hit him and lectured him. Now, I’m no expert, but in my, admittedly limited experience, a child that young does not understand much of what is being said to him. And he didn’t deserve to be hit. Now that man has right to raise his child as he sees fit and I’m not objecting to reasonable discipline for a wrong action. By the violence with which the man spoke to kid and the force he used to pick him up and hit him seemed way out of proportion for the situation.  I mean, I was a bit scared for the kid. The guy was obviously frustrated and upset about something, but that’s no reason to act that way. He could have easily hurt the little boy. And if he overreacts to something so small what’s to say he won’t really hurt the kid next time. The whole thing reminded me of those people who kick their dogs. The lady, though, upset me more. What was her reply? A very nice, “Thank you, baby!” Thank you? Really? Really? 

That bothers me (Rachel) too. I don’t condone any violence; especially not violence towards children or animals. 

Another thing that is bothering me is the name of one of the blended coffee drinks in the establishment we are currently patronizing. They are selling a blended coffee drink they are calling a “Spicy Buddha”. This bothers me because I know that no establishment in this country; at least not one as widespread as this one would ever dare to offend the major religion in this country and create a “Spicy Jesus” drink, but they have no such compunctions about a less mainstream religion. In my view if an establishment is going to make light of religious figures they should do so equally. Maybe a Spicy Buddha and a Funky Jesus? Or, probably the wisest course, they should steer clear of any such references. 

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