An Apology, “Sad” Brony News and Haiku, Or Why Rachel Will Be Fed Humble Pie…

By Kiki Keane and Rachel Womek

We are sorry!!! We know that we have been slacking and we apologize profusely! I (Rachel) have been caught up working, studying (end of school two weeks away!), cleaning, and trying unsuccessfully to adopt out my foster dog. I have managed to read a few books: a graphic novel, two haiku poetry books and one book on dog nutrition. Not exactly heavy reading!

I guess I Can’t make fun of Rachel for being lazy since she’s actually doing things. Me? I’ve been avoiding the computer like its got the plague. Productive? Nope. Not unless you call watching endless NCIS marathons productive. Oh. I did apply for a guest library card at the university library. Won’t get it tell next week, but I intend to wear it out while I’m still in the country. What else? Panicking. A lot. Unemployment does not suit my constitution. (In Rachel’s opinion unemployment suits few people’s constitutions! )

In Rachel’s opinion we should all dedicate some time to mainstreaming heavily armored shoes in children’s sizes because I keep stepping on Kiki’s teeny, tiny, feet!

In other news I don’t think I was approved for the My Little Pony forum. I guess the username: ManMareontheMoon sounds a little too pedophiliac for the forum’s taste. My undercover Brony dream is shattered! O.K I wasn’t that attached to it. After a brief mourning period I can move on with my life.

In other news, Rachel and I have decided to reread 1984 this week. Maybe we’ll watch the movie when we’re done.

Speaking of highly controlled societies, here is one last clip on Richard Engel’s trip to North Korea.

Rachel is trying to write a haiku every day. They aren’t very good, but perhaps I will let you read some soon! I want to get a little box so that I can write them on little cards and read them when I am in the mood to enjoy my own genius! (Don’t worry folks, I’ll make her eat some humble pie…) Well when I actually read them I may come to the self realization that I am not, in fact, a genius after all…

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