Goals Old And New and North Korea

By Kiki Keane

Normally Rachel and I would be doing our goal post together, but Rachel has come down with a cold, so I will be doing it on my own.

Here is how we did on our goals and what this weeks goals will be:

Kiki: I’m 2-4 this week. I worked on my novel and I watched a movie. Actually, I watched several movies: Indiana Jones and the Crystal SkullGreat Expectations (2012), Transformers and Her Alibi. I did not finish a book. I hardly read at all, which does not bode well for the book part of my 50/50 challenge. I also did not apply for my visa or passport card. To be fair, the reason I did not apply for my card or visa is because I do not have a job, though not for lack of trying.

New Goals: 1) Read a book 2) Watch a movie 3) Find a job 4) Write up the story I’m working on 5) Work on my novel

Rachel: I have no idea if Rachel accomplished her goals. I’m pretty sure she watched a movie and probably read a book. I know that she did not research vaccinations. As for photography…well, she took the camera to the interview, but I was not paying attention, so I can’t say for sure. We’ll say she’s 3-4.

New Goals: 1) Practice photography 2) Read at least one book and 3) Get over her cold

Collective Goals: 1) Practice Arabic 2) Blog about something new

I would also like to direct anyone who is interested to the following news stories. You are probably aware that North Korea will be launching a satellite this week. The world is a little nervous. Not about the satellite, but about the ballistic missile and the possibility that they are preparing for an underground nuclear test. North Korea has allowed a number of foreign journalists in to the country to watch the launch. Here are a few of Richard Engel’s dispatches.

Here they are:

1) U.S. skeptical of North Korea Launch

2) North Korea prepare to launch rocket

3) South Korea: Pyongyang reading for nuke test

4) North Korea missile poised to launch

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