Wind, Books, Books and More Books, Or The Life Of A Bookworm…

By Kiki Keane and Rachel Womek

Wow! It’s a windy day here in New Mexico. Rachel and I were almost blown away as we walked from the car to the restaurant where we are now sitting. The horizon is a haze of brown and our faced are caked in sand. This is why Kiki hates Spring. This is why Kiki hates Spring. All outdoor activities are now off the roster, not that they were ever on our roster. At least it’s not all bad sitting here in a restaurant, eating comfort foods (hey, we’re going to the gym later!) and blogging.

We’ve just come from the library where Rachel walked away with 3 books and Kiki with 4 books and a movie. We are serious about our 50/50 challenge, no matter how arduous pleasure reading is (sarcasm). Rachel also lent Kiki a couple books so she’as got at least 7 to get through.We hope she can stop watching The Golden Girls long enough to get through them!

We are now about to head to our local used bookstore, Coas Books. It is a giant, six room cornucopia of literary adventure, knowledge and all things awesome. It is all one of the top used bookstores in the nation.

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