I Am To Tired To Think Of A Title, So Your Stuck With This Unnecessarily Long Non-Title…

By Kiki Keane

Well… it is past the time when Rachel and I write about how we failed to fulfill our weekly goals. It was a very trying and sad week for Rachel, so she has an excuse. I have no such excuse. I can only blame my addiction to The Golden Girls and sleep. But, starting today (Thursday), I am going to force myself out of bed to practice my Arabic and read before work (I can see you all rolling your eyes!).

I did actually accomplish at least one of my goals. I finished a book. I read Die A Little by Megan Abbott, which I think I mentioned in another post. It is a Noir that pits two femme fatals against each other in 1950s L.A. Chandler she is not, but Abbott has the ability to keep you engaged and creeped-out for the duration.

Also, I listened to Arabic music. Can that count as my Arabic study? No? Fine. If you want a nice jazzy album you should give Rough Guide: Arabic Lounge a try.

I think I’m going to keep my goals for this week the same as last week. Except I will read two books this week! Yes! Two whole books! The first is The Sisters Brothers by Patrick Dewitt. The second is yet to be determined. I’m thinking I will reread Richard Engel’s War Journal.

Here are some news stories I’ve been keeping an eye on:

1) The terrible murders in Afghanistan. Here’s the latest from MSNBC and here is Richard Engel’s Nightly News update.

2) The birth control controversy in Arizona. This piece is opinion rather than news.

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