The Awesome Blog Content Award

By Kiki Keane and Rachel Womek

We were nominated by TheRestlessRani for the Awesome Blog Content Award.

Our understanding is that once nominated you accept the award, give acknowledgement to the person who nominated you (Thanks!), describe ourselves in a word or phrase using each letter of the alphabet and then pay it forward by nominating other great blogs.

Here is our Alphabetical Self-Description (I wanted to do this ala Edward Gorey, but Rachel just gave me the you-are-crazy look, I guess that’s not going to happen).

A–Adventurers, B–Bookish, C–Cantankerous, D–Daring, E–Ernest, F–Frank, G–Geeky, H–Haphazard, I–Intellectual, J–Jaded, K–Kindreds, L–Lewed, M–Macabre, N–Nomadic, O–Obscure, P–Passionate, Q–Quirky, R–Raunchy, S–Snarky, T–Tenacious, U–Unstoppable, V–Vagabonds, W–Wondering, X–Xenaesque, Y–Youngish, Z–Zany

And here are some blogs you should check out:

Mathewch5v9  — A pretty awesome retired math teacher, quaker, political activist and all around courageous woman

Classicalspin — A friend of Kiki’s from St. John’s College. A pretty smart, funny, sarcastic political news junky. We also think she’s pretty nerdy (we hope she doesn’t take offense to that).

TheNomadGrad — We don’t know her personally, but she’s a fellow adventurer, which automatically makes her pretty cool in our estimation.



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