A Desperate Time

By: Rachel Womek

It’s my turn to do the blog, or actually past my turn (Kiki’s been covering for me), and all I have to talk about is what has been going on with me; which is difficult. My dog, Ananda, is very sick. She may die.

On Sunday I came home from working out with Kiki to find that she was bleeding from what appeared to be an injury on her lower eyelid. It looked painful but not serious, although I could not find the cause of the injury. We got her into the vet on Monday. The vet noticed that she had some red spots on the skin of her belly and inside her ears. Bloodwork revealed that she had next to no blood platelets, meaning that at the slightest provocation she could bleed out. She needed a plasma transfusion. They could not give her the transfusion on Monday because the bloodwork came back too late in the day, so I took her home Monday night and spent it sleepless, crying and watching her like a hawk.

Tuesday morning I took her in for the plasma transfusion. The vet reported she was doing well but wanted to keep her overnight for observation. Today her red blood cell count started dropping. The bloodwork showed that she does not have an autoimmune disease. The other major options the doctor is considering are a spleen problem or bone marrow cancer. Neither of these are good. Tomorrow they will give her a transfusion of whole blood, x-ray her to check her spleen, and do a bone marrow biopsy procedure. with the state her blood is in even this procedure will be risky.

I am preparing myself to lose my friend and constant companion these past ten years. She has been with me since she was a tiny puppy, just about 5 weeks old, too young to be separated from her mother, but my neighbors wanted to be rid of the litter as soon as they could. I was only 14 then.  Ananda has been with me through the darkest times in my life, times when I was lost, times when I had no other friend. We’ve struggled together and grown up together. I don’t know how I will face gray mornings without her by my side. Ten years is not enough.

I am not giving up but it is hard to be optimistic about this situation. Please hope for me, I have little hope of my own.


Ananda with my brother at the Farmer’s market

Ananda greeting my brother

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One thought on “A Desperate Time

  1. Update

    There is a little good news: Her eye stopped bleeding for the first time since it started on Sunday. The doctor spoke to a specialist and has decided to hold off on the bone marrow biopsy. The specialist told her to not rule out an autoimmune disorder, even though the panel came back negative. She is going on three medications: One for autoimmune, one to help rebuild her platelets and bone marrow and chemotherapy drug. They will also do an x-ray today to look for abnormalities in the body, particularly in the spleen.

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