OMG…Here We Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By: Kiki Keane and Rachel Womek

We have decided to stick with making a list of goals for the week even though we were only moderately successful at accomplishing them last week.

Here they are:

Rachel: I will 1) Overcome my inhibitions and practice photographing human “beans” or “fuul” in Arabic (haha) 2) I will finish The Martian Chronicles, 3) I will read more about digital photography, 4) I will be as calm as still water (Kiki scoffs at this).

Kiki: I will 1) read a full book of some kind (not making any quality promises, though), 2) I will get more sleep by not taking my job home with me, 3) I will NOT turn the TV on when I wake-up in the morning, thereby forcing myself to read or think or sleep more…

Collectively we will 1) study Arabic, 2)not spend excessive amounts of money (this will start tomorrow as we are currently spending unnecessary cash at a restaurant), 3) come-up with a relatively good idea of how much $$$$$ we need to get to wherever we are going, 4) buy our tickets before we chicken out!

On a different note, here’s the latest on Syria from MSNBC:

Syrians voted on a referendum that would keep Bashar al-Assad in power until 2028. Also, at least 31 civilians and soldiers were killed in clashes.

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