Tracks and Scientific Inaccuracy in Songs

By: Rachel Womek

I was supposed to put this blog up last night but the ol’ laptop was less than cooperative. Fortunate for you Dear Reader, for you’ll now have the pleasure of two blogs in one day. This solo blog entry by Yours Truly and later on a joint blog entry.

Captain’s Log, Stardate 11021.5

I recently finished reading the wonderful travel book : Tracks by Robyn Davidson. The book follows Robyn during her trek over 1700 miles of Australian wilderness in 1980; alone except for the company of one dog and four camels. Robyn has great skill as a writer. This, combined with the tactile realism of her account and the sheer force of her will, made the book a joy to read.  As our own trip draws closer more apprehension will no doubt build but this book has given me a hope that with courage and tenacity Kiki and I will prevail. This is also a great book for the lover of other animals. It made me want to rush out and buy a few camels!

Also this week I was pondering why popular songs aren’t more Scientifically accurate. I was thinking of that song:  “One is the Loneliest Number” by Three Dog Night. One is the ONLY real number, I thought, so how can it be lonely? (All other numbers in the real world are simply groups of ones) but the song is actually addressing loneliness in humans, not to say that an actual number is lonely. The number represents a human therefore the line should state: One is the loneliest quantity of humans. Catchy, right? How about “Save The Best for Last” by Vanessa Williams? “Sometimes the Sun goes ’round the Moon?” Hmm…Somehow I don’t think so. Can anyone else think of some Scientifically Inaccurate songs? We can fix them and make a hit album.

Well that’s it for now. Check in later for a joint post featuring myself and Kiki!

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