A Blog About Things We Like In an Effort to Make Ourselves Seem Less Bitter…

By: Kiki Keane and Rachel Womek

Jointly: Reading, Star Trek, The Big Bang Theory, Enchiladas, Bitching, Nerdgasms, Zumba, Chocolate, Sarcasm, Smart People, Jane Austen, Open-mindedness, Adventuring, Animals, Change, Bookstores, Coffee Shops, Libraries, Rain, Learning new things, Evolution (not Social Darwinism), Eddie Izzard, Sci-fi, Thai Food, Chinese Food, and Sleep.

Kiki: Noir, Las Vegas, Hawaii, Japan, Adventure Travel, Hard Work, Snarkiness, Niceness, Sumo, Rugby, Humphrey Bogart, Journalism and Reporters, Courage, Facing One’s Fears, Walking,  Purpose, Richard F. Burton, Camels, Zealots with a little wiggle room, Apple Pie with cheddar cheese, Robots, Dinosaurs, Elephants, Jazz, Old Hollywood Movies,and Class (as in Classy).

Rachel: Physics and Physicists, Good Wine, MC Frontalot, Non-Fundamentalist Religions, Cooking, New glasses, Presents, Debate, Halloween, Glam Rock, New Mexico, Drag Queens, J.R.R. Tolkien, B Horror Movies, Green Chile Burgers, Spiders, Marine Biology, Anthropology, Really anything scientific, Pacifists, California, The Environment, C8H10N4O2, Integrity, Equality, Simplicity, Yoga, Dogs, Meditation, Consensus, and Recycling.

When our jobs suck, when life stinks, when we’re feeling sad, we simply remember our favorite things and then we don’t feel so bad!!!!!!!

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