World News, Because We Are too Tired to Be Original…

So… we’ve haven’t had much time to  think (or anything else, for that matter), but here are some news items that caught our attention in recent days. FYI, most of the links will be from MSNBC because it is my (Kiki) current favorite news site.

1) Yesterday, an Afghani family living in Canada were convicted of the “honor killings” they had been charged with in 2009. Mohammad Shafia, 58; his wife Tooba Yahya, 42; and their son Hamed, 21, were found guilty of four counts of first-degree murder. The victims were Shafia’s first wife and their three daughters. Details can be found here.

2) An Afghan woman was strangled to death by her husband and mother-in-law after giving birth to a third daughter. The mother-in-law has been arrested, but the husband–a militia member–is still at large.

3) Things in Syria are heating-up. According to MSNBC, the events of the last few days may signal a turning point in the conflict.

4) A pesticide commonly used by beekeepers may be exacerbating the virus responsible for decimating the honeybee population, MSNBC reports. The virus called Colony Collapse Disorder could have major implications for us in the future. Honeybees are the primary pollinators of food crops in most of the world.

5) Japan’s population is on the decline.

6)  Elderly laboratory Chimpanzee’s are the subject of debate, according to Rock Center. Dr. John VandeBerg, director of the primate research center argues that the quality of life in such centers has greatly improved, with spacious open air habitats. On the other hand, Dr. Jane Goodall, legendary anthropologist and chimpanzee expert says, that the experiments are torture and in her opinion the senior chimps deserve a retirement.

7) According to Al Jazeera, there is a question regarding the future of a group of stateless muslims in Myanmar, called the Rohingya. They were stripped of their citizenship and are victims of other human rights violations by the Junta. The article asks wether or not Suu Kyi will help them should she be elected.

8) Here’s something just for fun. This blog has some of NBC’s Chief Foreign Correspondent, Richard Engel’s reporting. It’s good stuff. I (Kiki) really enjoyed his travel piece on Timbuktu (a small personal obsession).

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