By Rachel Womek:

My Skyrim Character

Skyrim is a very addictive game. Now most of my family is playing, which makes it difficult to get any time to play it myself, or to blog. I am a level 42 mage, my elder brother is a level 44 thief, my youngest brother is a level 10 warrior, and my  younger sister is a level 4 thief. I have three other siblings who are not playing. Yes, my family is large. I’ve gotten to the point where I can kill most common foes with a single dual-cast fireball which causes me to rush into dungeons with a reckless abandon where the 7nth or eight mob usually kills me. When I start over I proceed more cautiously. I’ve also made it my personal mission to kill any “Thalmor” I see on the road. The Thalmor are a powerful group of high elves within the game who are trying  to suppress the Skyrim citizen’s favored religion. They are the 1% of Skyrim.

Here is a brief Skyrim Survey I found.

Fave Groups to join? College of Winterhold and the Thieves Guild.

Within the Combat Branch What are your favorite skills? One handed is really the only one I use apart from occasional archery.

Fave Skill Type? Magic.

Fave HouseCarl? Lydia.

Are You Married? Yes (In Skyrim only!) I am married to a Dark Elf Shopkeeper because I wanted to buy things handily from my spouse and I chose a Dark Elf (or Dunmer) because they the most ostracized race in skyrim. and racism is not cool even in  fictional Video Game-verse.

Where do have a house? In Whiterun and in Markarth.

Fave big city? Markarth, I love all the Dwemer ruins and how the city is carved into the rock.

Where are you a Thane? Whiterun and Markarth

Fave race? Khajiits. I love the way they talk in the third person.

The attribute you usually level up? Magicka, I’m a Mage.

Within the Stealth branch what are your fave skills? Sneak and Alchemy.

Where do you have a room? The Hall of Attainment and the Companion’s Quarters.

Within the Magic branch what are your two fave skills? Destruction and Conjuration.

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