Twitter Censored and DOMA

By: Rachel Womek

It’s a sad day when international social networking website, “Twitter“, announces their shiny new censorship program. According to Twitter it will now censor posts by country when asked to by that country’s government. Here in America this could mean censorship of the Occupy Movement’s “Tweets”, elsewhere it could mean any number of things. It was through social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook that information from North Africa was able to reach the outside world during the time known as the “Arab Spring“. It’s pleasant to hear nice fluffy things but it is reality that nice things aren’t always happening, people don’t always behave morally, and people need top speak out for their rights. You can’t hide human nature underneath a pretty cloud and hope reality will go away. I can determine what I do or do not wish to read and who I do or do not wish to “follow” on Twitter. One might assume that if one doesn’t wish to hear Nazi propaganda on Twitter that they probably shouldn’t be “following” any Nazis. Seems pretty obvious doesn’t it?

In other news if you support Civil Rights please petition the federal government to repeal the supposed “Defense of Marriage Act“, this act “defends” marriage by withholding rights from honest hard working citizens who just want to be given the same rights as straight Americans. The function and parameters of marriage have changed, and is continuing to change. Marriage is different for different cultures. In our culture we emphasize love as the primary purpose for marriage, two people love each other and want to share their lives together and be recognize for having had made a significant commitment to each other. Why should that be any different depending on whether that couple has different or similar equipment downstairs? It shouldn’t. Period. And hey just a friendly reminder, I’ve got nothing against religion (in fact I consider myself to be religious), but  has anyone heard of Separation of Church and State? Religion should have nothing to do with government sanctioning of marriage. I find it kind of interesting that the whole resistance comes from mistranslated word in the Bible; funny how the interpretation of a few words can have such significance.

If you’ve read all of my rant today, congratulations, you get a Gold Star. Until the next rant, good day.

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