Beer and puppies

By: Rachel Womek

Puppies are maddeningly irresistible creatures, warm and wiggly; all liquid eyes, waving tail and round belly. Perhaps some deeply rooted maternal instinct  is responsible for my inability to withstand their charms. On the whole I am grateful for the transference; dogs are altogether superior companions than children, to my mind. This is why, at the most inconvenient of times, I find myself caring for an innocent and impressionable canine toddler. Some are born to dogs, others have dogs thrust upon them. Chance brought the dog to me, that and a tattoo reading “sucker” that I am sure must be etched in my forehead, visible to all but myself. We thought we had found him a home but the new “owner” was less than equal to the task. One might assume that a seasoned dog owner would not be overwhelmed by an eight week old puppy’s lack of bladder control but clearly one would be mistaken. My youngest dog is less than thrilled by this sudden competition while my elder is enjoying the company of one so malleable, though this proves less enjoyable when said canine’s slumber is rudely interrupted by scratching paws and a warm tongue. I can only hope to find a satisfactory forever home for the miniature monster before he drills into the gooey center of my heart. I know that leaving my dogs behind, even in the capable hands of my sister, will prove to be the most difficult part of my future journey, an additional anchor certainly won’t ease the pain.

On a lighter note fun was had this night at High Desert Brewery where the beer was plentiful and good. I consumed some 34 ounces of beer, all of it delicious, until what I lacked in coherency of speech I made up for in volume.

Tomorrow I find out if I nailed my interview or not. The success of our mission depends on our ability to accumulate funds, failure is impossible.

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